Strategic Planning

In a world of increased competition and globalization, any given company must concentrate intensively on the market segments in which it performs best. Very often there is little room to manoeuvre, leaving no room for inappropriate decisions. In this context, strategic choices are of prime importance.

In the development of strategies, Expansion Stratégies Inc. puts a great deal of emphasis on assessing the external environment of the firm such as the industry profile, the competition, the customers, as well as on assessing its human and financial resources. In addition, it provides experienced teams with the capability to synthesize all these factors. The proposed options are documented, analyzed and explained making them easy to use by managers and easy to communicate. Expansion Strategies Inc. will also support your firm through the implementation of an effective strategy that would ensure a healthy and steady growth of your operations.

Innovation and Marketing

Commercializing innovative products and services is a difficult stage in the innovation process. Many innovations do not pass the stage of research and development for various reasons; they may, for example, be related to the production capacity or to the inability to perform a rigorous analysis of market and business opportunities.

Put the odds in your favor by using our expertise which Expansion Strategies has developed over the years. With it we aim to assist you in launching a process of innovation and commercialization of new products and services. Through a rigorous analysis of consumer needs, we will help open new markets and new ways of positioning a product in the market to make it a star product, while all along keeping in mind the resources required and the risk elements implicated.

Market Development and Marketing Plan

It is recognized that a marketing plan is an essential tool to optimize the use of human and financial resources devoted to this function. It is especially important in the following situations: the launch of a new business, or a new product or entering a new market.

Expansion Strategies Inc. develops marketing plans that clearly summarize the state of the market, the industry dynamics and competitive situation. These plans provide specific sales targets, a range of capabilities that cover the sales organization, pricing policies and distribution and budgets necessary to achieve them. The manager has equipment to inform executives of the company, give directions to advertising agencies and public relations and motivate its trading partners.

Performance Measurement

You are not satisfied with your sales performance? You think that given your internal resources and capabilities, your organization could aspire to do much better? If that is the case then, this service is for you.

There is no magic formula in this field, but Expansion Strategies Inc. can help you thanks to a rigorous approach to measuring and monitoring business performance developed by our consultants. Our approach allows a fast, effective and reliable diagnosis of the weaknesses in strategies and / or commercial organization of your business while at the same time taking necessary corrective measures.

Technical and Economic Feasibility

A feasibility study should address the concerns of your organization that is initiating a project on the following issues: market potential, technical aspects, risks and conditions of project viability based on your organization’s business strategies and business expansions.

Expansion Strategies Inc. handles the commercial elements of your project and works closely with those in charge of the technical aspects to ensure consistency throughout the study. For technical aspects, Expansion Strategies works with the specialists in the technology concerned. We can also contribute to financial analysis and research funding.

Business Plans

Whether a project is new or it is meant for expansion, it needs to have a business plan in order to convince investors, strategic partners or clients for that matter.

Expansion Strategies structures such business plans to reflect the expectations of the promoters while at the same time translates it into a credible plan for the different interlocutors.

Introduction to the North American Market

Canada represents a dynamic market and as such can act as a trampoline to jump into the North American market.

Expansion Strategies over a 25-year period acquired extensive and specialized expertise and experience encompassing a wide range of industries across Canada and North America. If you want to reduce risk and increase your chances of success, you will need reliable and objective data about the operating mechanisms and market dynamics, opportunities, products, etc. From this perspective, we can put our expertise and knowledge of the Canadian/North American market at your service.


If your company has decided to launch a new product or a strategy of market development, and it does not have all the internal resources to achieve success, then you can greatly benefit from our service. These activities are often difficult to manage in-house when resources are scarce, since they belong to different skill levels cross your organization (strategy, planning, management, recruitment, sales, promotion, organization and others).

In this context, Expansion Strategies offers the services of a team selected according to the specific needs of the project. This team works closely with your company and based on a detailed work plan is constantly adjusted to the needs of the business and market conditions.

Economic Development Tools

You are a public or para-public organization and would like to provide economic development tools to support the economic situation in your area? Whether designing incubators, or strategies for attracting foreign investment or export strategies, Expansion Strategies Inc. brings the expertise it has developed in this direction at your service. Expansion Strategies has managed numerous projects supporting structures of starting a business in Canada and especially in Quebec.

Expansion Strategies handles all matters relating to the design of these economic development tools.

Digital Technology in the Company’s Governance

The move towards digitalization is becoming more and more important in the marketing of products and services. This new service has the following four functions :

  • Diagnosis of the firm with this point of view
  • Analysis of the competitions’ strategies regarding digital technologies
  • Evaluation of the available technologies
  • Middle and Long Term perspectives and the evolution of these modes of marketing.