Information technology and communication

Areas of Study :

  • Electronic Equipment
  • Geomatics Products
  • Diagnosis Instruments
  • Teledetection Systems
  • Data Compression Systems
  • Image Treatment Systems
  • Remote Control Systems for monitoring
  • Marketing Data Services

Some examples of mandates :

Conduct an analysis of the North American market for specialized industrial software targeting primarily the large high tech corporations to assess the market potential.  The study identified and screened the clients with short term potential for sales. An action plan has been proposed with the requirements in terms of material and human resources, financial plan and an agenda for implementation.

Expansion Strategies analyzed the most recent international studies which included the attitudes and perceptions of Board Members and administrators of companies regarding the place of digitalization in these organizations and their role in that evolution. A Survey of certified administrators in Canada and France was carried out by a polling firm BIP which allowed to understand better their level of sensitivity towards the new digital technologies and their impact on their sector and organization.

This material was presented at an up-dating session of the certified administrators of Quebec, Ontario and of France and became part of the training of the new administrators.

Expansion Strategies participated in the development of the strategic plan for the creation of the Information Technology Cluster which groups 6 subsectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Software
  • Data Processing services
  • Telecom Services
  • Interactive Digital Media/Services
  • Digital Audiovisual
  • Digital Arts

The firm was responsible for the analysis of the main components namely:

  • Support to start-up firms;
  • R&D;
  • Manpower and training at university level as well as technical;
  • Financing;
  • Market Access
  • Institutional Strengthening

This analysis conducted to recommendations in the strategy of that cluster.

The Metropolitan Montreal Area has two important clusters: Life Science and Information Technologies. These represent a unique opportunity in the development of e-health technologies.

The mandate was to organize an inventory of the resources and expertise in the two sectors and create a document for prospecting the international market. This document highlights the strengths of the combined sectors in order to stimulate the interest of potential research centers and companies for partnership agreements.