Expansion Stratégies’ approach is characterized by four major fundamentals:

1 – Customized Service

Very close collaboration is put in place as early as at the proposal development stage between the Team that will carry out the mandate and the Client. This collaboration is nurtured throughout the course of the mandate by regular contacts and exchanges, which allow quick adjustments in the work plan. For Expansion Stratégies it is essential to respond quickly to our client’s needs.

2 – Pragmatic Methodology

The methodology favours the practical, being action orientated for concrete results. It always seeks to highlight the key elements separating them from the details by suggesting realistic solutions, elements which are essential for a successful execution of the mandate, while allowing for originality and creativity.

3 – Rigorous Analysis

Our analysis begins with an in-depth diagnosis to identify clearly the existing situation and issues, which defines realistic and measurable objectives. It proposes a comprehensive set of actions that are consistent with the available human resources and financial means. It fixes milestones and proposes mechanisms for adjustments. All these elements are reported in a synthesized, practical document.

4 – High Level Team

The selection of consultants for a specific project is based on criteria that would achieve the best combination of expertise with a team for a quick and efficient response. It is essential for Expansion Stratégies to perform the work with the same consultants who designed the mandate together with the Client.

This approach has proven its value by the quality of projects completed over the years since 1982.