Other industries

Areas of Study :

  • Green Chemistry
  • Bio-energy
  • Bio composite products
  • Bio cleaning
  • Construction Products
  • Industrial Equipment and Supplies
  • Home Accessories
  • Plastic Products

Development of an Industrial Hemp Strategy for the Province of New-Brunswick, 2019 :

  • The mandate of this project is to outline concrete opportunities for the development of the hemp crop in New Brunswick based on its core assets, established industries, potential partnerships and synergies that define New Brunswick’s unique opportunities in a global marketplace.

New Cellulose Fibre Platform for Technical Clothing, 2019 :

  • Assess the market potential for a new chemically modified cellulose filaments and identify the most promising applications for this technology platform, in view of taking the first steps towards its industrialization.

Some examples of mandates :

Expansion Strategies analysed for a private Quebec firm the market for certain intermediary chemical products such as salicylic acid, guiacol, syringol, procyanidines. These analyses addressed the known uses of these products, the level of international offers, the principal distributors and processors, the price of the products and the quantities required by the distributors.

This study allowed the firms to validate the potential to launch in the valorization of the sub-products to diversify their commercial activities.

Global profile of the bio-products Canadian sector, including five business lines such as new natural materials including biopolymers and bioplastics. Summary of the companies specialized in bio-products and the organizations that participate in the expansion of the industry. Analysis, by industry sector, and summary of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the field

Summary profile of the recent evolution of the commercial class of fiber plants worldwide and in Quebec. Identification of the new potential uses and R&D initiatives in that field (including various industrial materials such as filler agents and reinforcements for composite materials). Proposal of structured projects to implement in order to encourage the emergence of an industrial cluster in Quebec and preparation of Lanaupôle fibres Strategic Plan targeting the development of this cluster in the province.

The Province of Sanliurfa, in Southern Anatolia, has 1.4 million hectares of cultivable land of which 0.2 million ha are irrigated and the balance will be irrigated in the years to come.

Jacques Grysole was the International Expert for the Agri-food Sector and the Specialized Manufacturing (agricultural machinery and irrigation equipment) Sector.

He developed, assisted by a team of Turkish consultants, the two clusters. This included the preparation and animation of workshops with the local entrepreneurs on the cluster concept, inform them on initiatives that could inspire them, define the strategic options and select priority projects.

At the end of the process, a core group of entrepreneurs has been created with the commitment to carry the implementation of the action plan for the first year.

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